OCTG Pipes, Casing & Tubing, Drill

Eckhardt Steel STEEL INC is the INDIA’s largest supplier of drill pipe and drill stem accessories. The division sells and services a full range of proprietary and American Petroleum Institute (API) drill pipe, drill collars, heavyweight drill pipe, kellys, subs, pup joints and other drill stem accessories. Product quality and performance are optimized by Reputed mill
to market, which helps to mitigate the potentially adverse effects of tight steel mill supplies and the associated rising costs of production and raw materials.

Casing & Tubing
Eckhardt Steel boasts a complete line of proprietary and API steel grades for more demanding exploration and production applications, including chrome, alloy and high-alloy steels.

At our state-of-the-art, fully-integrated manufacturing facilities, we produce steel pipe from 1 1/3" to 28" (outside diameters). Our casing and tubing pipes are manufactured according to API grades and also in proprietary grades including sour, high collapse, chrome and CRA products for special applications. Our proprietary grades allow us to offer the best solutions for each customer’s particular well conditions.
Our integral product offer combines casing and tubing with our complete range of Eckhardt Steel Hydril premium connections. Through the Tenarisglobal network of manufacturing facilities and threading shops, we are able to ensure flexible delivery terms and an outstanding ability to respond to changes in the schedule of operations.

All of our tubular products are manufactured to the most exacting quality standards. We holda global ISO 9001 registration for our operations, which follow a uniform quality policy and apply a rigorous quality management system.

Drill Pipes
Our drill pipe is suitable for a wide variety of well profiles.

High quality drill pipe and tool joints

Eckhardt Steel provides oil and gas customers with high quality drill pipe and tool joints for a wide variety of well profiles. Our complete offer includes corrosion-resistant and high-strength steel grades for demanding operations.
Our drill pipes are available with outside diameters (ODs) ranging from 2 3/8” to 5 7/8”. We offer E-75 to S-135 grades, in accordance with API Specification 5D and API Specification 7 as well as proprietary grades for more stringent requirements:

  • Sour service grades: C95S and C105S
  • High strength grades: S140 and S150

Our drill pipes are manufactured in an integrated production process where pipe bodies and tool joints are assembled through friction welding. Our product engineering capabilities allow us to work in partnership with our customers to create drill pipe to meet their specific needs.